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Achieving Your European Dream

From landing in Europe to being settled, is your hands on practical helper through ALL the processes required.

Stress Free Move

Moving with a personal touch

We help citizens from; America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, France, Holland, India, Spain, United Kingdom, to name a few


One thing the European authorities seem to be good at is separating you from your money. There are taxes, social charges and contributions that may well be levied against you.


If you have ever had to deal with local Authorities or indeed with any institution in Europe, then you will know how frustrating and confusing such interactions can become.


The legal system in Europe is very different per country regardless its similarities. Expats often make the basic mistake of thinking everywhere in the EU is the same

VISA & Residency

Relocating Stress Free to Europe. Our comprehensive packages have been designed to offer support whenever you need it and cover VISA applications to enable you to relocate to, live and work in Europe. Each package has been built on the legalities and years of experience, covering everything from helping you find a rental property, setting up bank and utility accounts to creating your business, ensuring that you are registered with and comply to the relevant authorities, the translation of documents, and helping you negotiate the intricate process of becoming self-employed. Not only our team will get to know you and your needs, but they'll discuss and implement fully any responses and follow up with a 'wrap around' service of continued support!


Advantages of Relocating With Pros

You don’t have to read thousands of tips and tricks.

Far from being helpful, only makes you feel more stressed and unsure of your decisions. When you hire pros, they can help you weed through the options and take prompt action.

You obtain hands-on work with an experienced and skilled team.
Narrow down your vision.

Take Action: Achieve Your European Dream

VIP Platinum Pack - moving with a personal touch

This is a bespoke service offering a more "hands on" approach. Depending on need and location we will accompany you in your visits ...

Working Gold Pack - Self Employment

Being self-employed in Europe can bring its own complexities and challenges but we can help. Take a look at our Working Pack ...

Living Silver Pack - Day to Day

Finding a place to live in is one thing, but staying for any extended period means you have to access a whole range of services ...

Student Bronze Pack - Settling in

Moving house can be really frustrating, for expats and native Europeans alike. We can help you opening a bank account...


Depending on need and location we will accompany you in your visits, paperwork filing and other needs that requiere an in-person and in the moment translation


John - and Carolyn in particular - have gone out of their way to help us with French bureaucracy - couldn't have done it without them! Nothing has been too much trouble. Just wish we could move them both in to live with us permanently!

Frances Strong

John and his team helped us recover expenses we incurred due to damage caused by a contractor. The contractor refused to pay us and ignored all letters, with John acting on our behalf our insurance company agreed to pay legal expenses ...

Irene Counsell

Very positive result from John and his legal guy. I was overcharged by a builder, which I refused to pay as a matter of principle. He issued me with court papers, and although I knew I was in the right, the thought of going through the French courts to prove it was a worry...

Mark Johnston

I can honestly say that without the help of John and his team at Please Help, our french dream would have turned into a nightmare. Stuck in that position of looking for a permanent rental property, but not being able to get past the first steps in immobiliers ...

Shaun Byrne

John and his team have been fantastic I dont know where we would be without Johns help. I can recommend Pleasehelp to anyone moving to France.

Steve Hurley

We’re specialists and we love what we do

We work on the premise that each client will have their own specific issues and needs, and so we listen carefully to what the client has to tell us before we begin to work on their behalf.

We apply our unique systems approach to problem-solving and solutions generation to our client’s issues and challenges. We create the most suitable responses to each issue, discussing them with the client, and then implementing them fully, making sure that we manage the resolution of such issues from end to end.

We provide a ‘wrap around’ service to each client based on their membership level, and look to support the client as fully as possible throughout their membership.

We consider ourselves as partners with you during the entire term of your membership with us. And, as partners do, we look to help you to achieve your dreams whenever and wherever it is possible for us to do so.

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